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Do you buy disease or nutrition?

January 18, 2019

There is a viral trend going about #10yearschallenge, wherein the people are sharing their old pics or the old situation of 2009 with 2019. Well, that’s very interesting thing to measure as many of us have upgraded and we altogether have transformed ourselves to a different person today. That really makes us happy to see the personal or professional transformation! Isn’t it?
What’s exactly the transformation? The journey of need followed with the greed. The need,where we identify that we have a problem and the greed that we need to resolve it till the root-cause. Well, the Milkmor has done exactly the same when it comes to its wellness products. We’ve a problem of obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, laziness, fatigue, anxiety, ageing, week eye-sight, indigestion & what not. The greed has made us deliver Farm Fresh Milk & Ghee. We say, Milk is the fuel and Ghee is the lubrication for the body.
So, We ensure that our cows are fed where we get the Milk enriched with Vitamin A, B, B6 & B12. Milkmor’s cow milk can be the best source of these vitamins, provided you consume minimum 650 ML of milk daily and avoid junk foods accordingly. Let those vitamins work in your body to make you energetic. It’s the fresh & pure milk and without any adulteration & preservatives. That’s how we follow the natural process and you relish the nutritional milk within just 15 hours of milking done from our specially selected A2 cows.
So next time, don’t pay for fat, pay for nutrition! We shouldn’t be buying diseases wrapped in beautiful packaging. Instead buy proteins, vitamins, minerals & purity. Isn’t it? Time to be a smart shopper! 🙂
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