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Kitchen Exhaust Fan V/s. Your Body!

August 30, 2018

Hello Everyone, You must be thinking as what’s the connection of exhaust fan and the human body. Aren’t you? Well, there is a strong connection between both to understand as what happens to our body inside.

I don’t know how unlucky you’re, if you haven’t cleaned the kitchen’s exhaust fan or chimney by yourself. The Oil-Stains would be so sticky on the surface that it shall not vanish away with simple detergent, you need to soak it with hot water for few minutes and then gradually, you shall scrub out the dirt. It’s a maintenance activity to be done every quarter.

Well, The same thing happens inside your guts and intestine. The smoke of the food goes out through the fan creates a strong layers on the edge which is so tough to clean as described above. Then just imagine, unlike smoke format, the actual food which we eat at least thrice a day would pass through those Guts and the condition would be worse than that exhaust fan. Isn’t it?

So Don’t you think, it deserves the attention?

The Oily/junk food, which we eat has lot of Saturated Fatty Acid (SFA), which creates layers within intestines. So the food with Unsaturated Fatty Acid (UFA) gradually brings down the SFA along. Gradually, it cleans & detoxicates the inner organs. So ultimately, it leads to improved digestion, low cholesterol and good stamina alongwith healthy stomach.

In simple language, Ghee is comprised of full spectrum short, medium and long chain fatty acids and the Gir Cow Ghee has sufficient UFA*. Consume atleast 2 glass of hot water during the day and have 2 tea-spoons of Gir Cow ghee with hot milk before you sleep at night. And definitely, avoid junk food! 🙂

Enjoy Milkmor’s Gir Cow Ghee – An Indian rich wellness nectar for you & your family! A Purely hand-churned cow ghee made of specially selected Gir Cows. It’s aroma and texture itself shall tell the story of its ethnic preparation made by ancestral village people at our farm. This exclusive ghee can be ordered in the pack of 1000 gms & 500 gms. It comes in a beautiful elegant wooden box which you can also gift to your family, Relatives, Boyfriend or Girlfriend! All deserve to be organically healthy! 😉 Don’t they?

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