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Parenting with Nutrition

March 23, 2019

This article is especially for “Parents” or “To be Parents”. There is strong psychology about children. “They don’t listen to what you say, but they do follow what you do“. You can’t expect her/him to not play on mobile if you yourself are stuck up the whole day on mobile (even though with the purpose). How is this co-related with milk? Read it till the end.

We ensure that our children go to the best pre-school/school, gets the best clothes, fulfil her/his every wish, give them complete nutrition. Oh, Wait! We would zoom in to nutrition here today.

Do you know how much protein a child needs per day? There is an appropriate pie-chart of nutrition intake for our children. Often, we either don’t give her/him the right nutrition or we give the adulterated/Junk food or along with other harmful things. We give them more of fat, deep-fried & sugary stuff either by their demand or by our wish.

We keep complaining that my child isn’t energetic or S/he is cranky or hates this or that thing. So the case is that, we’re worried about them but not concerned.

Ideally, a child needs 18 gms of protein/day. Milkmor’s Cow Milk has natural 21 gms of protein (Good for muscles & tissues development) in 2 glasses of milk. Wait, your child also gets 1600 mcg of calcium (Good for bones), 60 gms of magnesium (Good for memory power) and other important vitamins & minerals from the same 2 glasses of milk.

Our children are revolutionary by their attitude. Let’s give them the right nourishment and nutrition. India can perform equally well in all the sports and give a tough competition to other countries. The first & foremost stage is nutrition. The right sports shall make them physically & mentally strong, develop leadership skills and the most important, they will be moving ahead of mobile phones usage.

So recalling again. They don’t listen to you what you tell, they do what you do. That means you yourself should start drinking raw milk so that they gradually follow you! As you need double the vitamins & minerals than your children. By the way, Milkmor’s Cow milk is naturally sweet enough to resist.

Piyenge Doodh, Tabhi toh Aayega Attitude! 😉

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