April 11, 2018

Hello Amdavadis,

Since last many days, the local municipal authority is super-alert about milk adulteration and they have been making raids at various locations of a city to curb the Milk Adulteration. One of the most advanced city is facing the challenge of an untouched quality milk and its products. A very horrible scenario has come up through this raids. We’re actually exposed to so many threats that we need to work very very hard to consume something pure.

From private diaries to the loose milk sold through cyclewala, there isn’t any assurance of the pure milk. It’s very disappointing that we struggle whole day to earn for our families to give them a quality life. Even after, paying a good price, we aren’t accessible to the good food. Maybe, we’ve spoiled the marketers by asking offers, discounts, longer shelf life of products and what not. Out of all these, we’ve forgotten the basic need – A PURE MILK.

Well, there are a bunch of people, who just don’t provide the pure milk but also an energetic drink. Milkmor presents “The Richpro Milk”. Yes, they have an answer to the unavoidable question of the society. They provide premium farm fresh cow milk in Ahmedabad. More than 500 families have trusted the brand within few days of start. It’s the pasteurized cow milk. We’re sure that you might haven’t tasted the pure milk since years. Our consumers speak a lot about this pure cow milk’s natural taste, the creamy curd made out of this milk and wait!!! You get all the 17 essential vitamins and minerals which you must get for your healthy skin, eyes, bones and muscles. Milkmor nurtures its own cows at their own Astha Dairy Farm with balanced nutrition diet for their cows and you get all the pure cow milk nutrition facts.

So just relaxxxxxxx! Don’t be the victim of advance adulteration of milk. You get everything needed for your healthy family except discount and offers. As Purity doesn’t come with offers & discounts.

Yes, instead we can deliver it to your home for free of cost! Enjoy the fresh milk in morning at your door-step because of Life Chahe Kuch Zyaada!

Don’t trust us? Just subscribe us for a month and get assured by yourself.

You’re associated with the 1st ever “Talk to Milk Brand” of Ahmedabad who would be glad enough to share all the interesting insights of milk and its nutritional facts

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