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So, How was your exam?

March 13, 2019

Target Setting, Management Skills, Performance, ABC Analysis, Time Management! These all sounds to be the corporate words. However, our children do it all between the lines. It’s just we underestimate them. We expect unduly from our children and pressurise her/him for something.

Exploration or Exploitation?

Now there is an evolution. The competition is brutal, and the comparison is even cruel. But the fact is that no standard parameters can measure the power of a child. This isn’t the only exam; your child is going to give or it shall decide her/his fate. S/he is going to give many such exams in her/his life. From Schools to colleges, From impressing in-laws to giving interviews, From Sports to Art Competitions. It’s never-ending.

So are we allowing them to explore what they are best at? Or are we just exploiting by asking what we think is the best? The new era is coming up for professionals, experts and free-lancers. In India, many of the children aren’t allowed to explore their inner skills and aren’t even encouraged to refine it until the professional level.

Let’s contribute for the best generation of India by nourishing them with love, nutrition, sports, technology, art, education, passion and most importantly, let them not have the fear of exams as S/he shall be fearful for all the exams in her/his life later. We don’t want our children to live a fearful life. Right?

By the way! Nutrition se yaad aaya, 2 glasses of milk gives 60 gms of magnesium which enhances the memory power of your child which shall help her/him during the exams. Try it! 😉

Happy Parenting,
Milkmor Team!

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