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Our Farm

Like everyone has a dream to live their dream but how passionate you to fulfill it. Astha family has a passion for the cows and the project of building dairy farm project for 40 years. We believe in giving pure and hence after success of the various infrastructure projects giving pure live, we now want to give a pure life to the society.

Astha dairy farm is a dream project where thinking Pure, giving pure and making pure is the sole motto of the company. Their love for cow was entertained by the family and supported him to live his dream.

It’s needless to say that every cow is special to us and we don’t tie them. They’re allowed to move around, scrub themselves, drink water and gossip with their neighbours. We’ve customized and welcomed the special cows at Astha Dairy farm so that we can provide you a premium A2 Cow Milk in Ahmedabad distributed to our premium consumers by Milkmor brand’s own supply chain. The Certified process and international automated standard machines allows us to fill all the benefits of farm fresh milk in the bottle. Wait a minute, also this process ensures the lowest somatic cell count and total bacterial count which ensures a good digestion to children and protects from intestinal inflammations.

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Our Farm


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