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We nurture our cows with motherhood feeling

Drinking milk started from ancestral time but who found it, is a mystery. It was believed that human intake milk of other mammals. An ancient Hinduism stated cow milk as an organic and pure form of milk for human body. Proven true, because a cow became an authentic source for one of the daily needs of human. The cow milk, a healthy nutrition, An organic food. A family believes to best care of their family lives healthier and superior.

I am sure you must be worried about the cows and their homes at Milkmor. This shows you’re actually worried for the source of milk, that’s indeed good news. We’ve special breed Indian cows who produce the rich A2 Milk.

We not only care, we learn and teach to care

COWS, are at the heart of who-we-are and what-we-do and hence our core resides in raising them with care and love, with their welfare as the utmost priority of our farmers.

Satisfied cow’s, Healthy cows: Laughing for the word? you must! you know the fact that being Fat is happy but being healthy and holistic is happier. Our Cow-farmers know that An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure and hence the cows are given a clean, comfortable and loving environment, a low-stress shelter, and plenty of happy time outdoors where they mingle, socialise and lead a life as nature meant for them to.

An organic food for our cows: What our Cows eat and graze on, is as important to us as what our family consumes. Therefore, we ensure that their food is just as nutritious and clean as we’d like ours to be, in addition to being completely Organic, devoid of any steroids or hormones! This not only helps them to lead a healthy life, but brings us the best quality of milk so we could share the wholesomeness with you. At Astha dairy farm our care takers for cows just not caring them, they behaved friendly and provide all the required space for a true reason of getting premium quality of milk that we have promised to serve you.

Gens assurance: Irresistible to avoid informing our audience that our Premium farm fresh cow milk is pure A2 milk. Genetically tested cows that are A2 gens. Unconventionally pure and organic cows and cow milk in Ahmedabad.

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Pure food , Pure production, Pure Drink

Isan’t it wow, when you get your favourite, tasty and delicious food in low calorie and fat? If Yes, aren’t you have question for those living mammals having no home, no define food. Like you need a hygienic food, Cow too. Don’t forget, We intake Milk as the most nutrition food daily. Cow, a mammal, that is being used for various use, more for dairy, Farming and droughting. Our love for cows is not just keeping them hygienic, we believe to feed them hygienic, Treat hygienic.

At Astha Dairy Farm, we grow the fodder needed to meet the food supply for all our cows .We plan the diet of the cows with the help of veterinary professionals to not only get the best quality milk but also to keep the cows at the best of their health. The seeds of the fodders are carefully selected and the fodders are cultivated without using any artificial fertilizers to ensure that the cows get their food the way nature made it. Relentless care is given to make certain the cows get all the nutrients they need every day. COWS, are at the heart of who-we-are and what-we-do and hence our core resides in raising them with care and love, with their welfare as the utmost priority of our farmers.

Nature in the bottle

Time and again, Ayurveda and Modern Science both jointly have established the importance of knowing where your food is coming from. The last decade, hence has emphasised and popularized the importance of ‘Eating Organic’ to realise the maximum amount of nutritional advantage, both in quality and quantity. Our vision is to create consumers as friend, not just the customer. We wish to connect the consumer to the nature giving then feeling of it in Milkmor Cow milk, Pure natural cow milk. Its more in protein that we claim it is RichPro cow Milk by Astha dairy farm.

milkmor cow milk, pure natural cow milk, richpro cow milk

Our Loving Cow Mom’s Pleasing at Astha dairy farm.

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It’s needless to say that every cow is special to us and we don’t tie them. They’re allowed to move around, scrub themselves, drink water and gossip with their neighbors. We’ve customized and welcomed the special cows at Astha Dairy farm so that we can provide you a premium A2 Cow Milk in Ahmedabad distributed to our premium consumers by Milkmor brand’s own supply chain. The Certified process and international automated standard machines allows us to fill all the benefits of farm fresh milk in the bottle. Wait a minute, also this process ensures the lowest somatic cell count and total bacterial count which ensures a good digestion to children and protects from intestinal inflammations.

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