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2 Spoons of Ghee in Hot Milk before sleep shall clean your stomach!

May 18, 2018

If you were impressed with just one benefit, I have 25 more!

Yes, thank you all for showing your love for our newly introduced Pure Cow Ghee!

We’ve introduced our Cow Ghee especially for daily use, wherein the Gir Cow Ghee is the premium product made through a hand-churned process and its granule texture and fragrance itself creates a different magic. So we thought to introduce A2 cow ghee made from our selected healthy cows’ milk, which is pure, rich and blended with more than 26 benefits. Yes, this cow ghee has good cholesterol and made especially for your daily cooking of hot chapatis, sweets, pulao and making some aromatic dal tadka out of it. Yummy! I know, I have missed out many more recipes. But You know it better! 🙂 This ghee is processed through a hygienic channel and relax as usual, It’s unadulterated and fresh.

We’re actually thankful to all of you who don’t ask discounts and offers anymore. That shows the consumer is aware and evaluates the pure quality product. It’s actually tough for us to convince the consumer and bring on board without any alluring promotional schemes. Yes, As shared by our co-founder – Shri Mitesh Patel, in his previous blog that marketers have spoiled all of us with offers & discounts. And we can’t afford to do that as the rich & organic fodder and other cow nurturing expenses consume major of the time, technology, money & manpower. Thus, Purity cannot come with offers & discounts. At the other side, those offers & discounts are reimbursed with the bills of medicines for a consumer. Isn’t it? Parallel, our body depreciates is a different chapter. So offers & discounts are actually costlier than we think and that’s what our happy subscribers across Ahmedabad have understood it and found our premium farm fresh cow milk cheaper in price than anything else. I know you’re waiting for other 25 benefits. So… It’s here..

1. Excellent for cooking.

2. It is an excellent home remedy to improve digestion and curing constipation. It helps to secrete enzymes that digest the food. Stimulates digestive system.

3. Drinking a warm glass of milk containing a spoon of cow ghee before going to bed will enhance your digestion power and clean the stomach in the morning.

4. It is known as a brain tonic. Excellent for improving memory power and intelligence. Best for strengthening mental health.

5. Normalises Vata and Pitta. Nourishes body.

6. It is best for cancer patients. Having the power to stop growing cancer cells.

7. It is best to improve the voice.

8. Improve sperm count and strengthens sexual power.

9. It helps to feel hungrier.

10. Strengthens immune system and vitality.

11. Good for eyes and vision.

12. Good for building stamina.

13. Excellent for glowing skin.

14. Excellent for increasing appetite.

15. It is beneficial for curing thyroid dysfunction.

16. It is used to heal wounds, chapped lips, and mouth ulcers.

17. Detoxifies body.

18. Bleeding nose, brain stroke, sinus headaches and migraine problem get cured completely. Add 2 drops of little bit warm cow ghee in the nostrils for a few days and see the miracle.

19. Body massage with ghee boosts the immune system.

20. Cures insomnia.

21. Best for lubrication of joint.

22. Burn healing – Also useful when applied to burns.

23. Adding 1-2 teaspoon of ghee specifically helps reduce stubborn belly fat. But Excess of ghee may increase your weight.

24. The study says that it mobilizes fats from stubborn fat areas of the body. Break down fat from the body.

25. Increases metabolism and reduces bad cholesterol.

26. Good for a healthy heart.

WOW!! Never thought about so many benefits huh? So how about enjoying the tastier food and healing our body organically at the cost of the only Rs.800/Kg? Yes, This is the best introductory price we’re giving away the pure cow ghee only for this month! You can order 500 gms also at half the price mentioned here.

Order Now (Limited Edition)

So Welcome this Cow Ghee Jar in your family and let them enjoy the organic healing of their body & mind, because

Life Chahe Kuch Zyaada!
Anjali Modi
Customer Service Executive | Milkmor India

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