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3 inches of Tongue V/s Your Healthy Body.

December 15, 2018

Yes, the subject line is a brutal fact. We are the slaves of taste buds! Aren’t we? Lot of tasty food around us, it’s so difficult to resist. It’s indeed strange that just to satisfy the 3 Inches of tongue, we compromise over our entire health.

The time is changing. It’s indeed great to see that many of us have chosen for Health before taste. This week, we would like you to focus on your health and not the taste. Fatness to Fitness. Let’s focus on our strong digestion, low cholesterol, Fitness & More energy. We often don’t know our own potentiality. 97% of us have never performed on full throttle of our physics.

Many Amdavadis have switched from the high fat buffalo milk to Milkmor’s Nutritional Cow Milk. Thanks to our mails, where people have realised that Cow Ghee doesn’t add weight, infact it reduces weight and also increases the immune. Moreover, Milkmor’s Cow Ghee & Farm Fresh Cow Milk isn’t just healthy but equally tasty due to the rich fodder fed to the cows.

Winter is the motivating season to explore your inner energy. Run, Exercise, Jog, Play Sports, Ride Bicycle & pump up your lungs. We’re sure you will feel more confident, energetic and you shall live your life larger with various activities.

Milkmor wishes you a healthy week ahead! And Yes!! See you all at B Safal Marathon on 23rd Dec’18. Milkmor is proud to be associated as the “Milk Partner” of this Ahmedabad’s Marathon.

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