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Adulteration V/s. Nutrition, Which side are you?

December 7, 2018

Well, today’s topic is Adulteration V/s. Nutrition. So which side are you? 

When you’re hearing the news about advanced adulteration and preservatives and there is a complete ambiguity over what’s pure and impure. Just imagine, during such mixed era, we’ve managed to deliver nutritional milk. The adulterated milk invites lot of slow diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Cholesterol, indigestion and what not. Whereas, Milkmor provides the best nutritional milk, where we feed our cows – corn, maize, cottonseed, soya hulls and other 35 important ingredients. This doesn’t just makes the best milk but also keeps our cows super-healthy.

So the next time ensure that if you drink milk, it has to be Milkmor! As we say that “Milk is the transporter of Vitamins & Minerals, what you feed cows, is what you get in Milk”.
Happy Winters Ahead! Try Milkmor’s Cow Ghee for making winter sweets!

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