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Ahmedabad!! How’s the Josh??

January 25, 2019

What a movie – URI is! Isn’t it an excellent master piece? 

The movie introduces the bravery and courage attitude of our Indian Army & the country. Moreover, how the entire family gives priority to nation than themselves, is worth 100 salutes.
Definitely, Yeh Naya Hindustan hai! This Hindustan is no more tolerating and compromising. That’s what we learnt. Every segment of India is progressing with the same approach and believes in leading than chasing.
Milkmor is indeed the new milk of Hindustan, where you don’t need to be the victim of adulteration, poor fodder, preservatives, Milk from Upset & unhealthy cows. The Naya Hindustan drinks the milk of Happy Cows of Milkmor. Where you just not get the 17 essential vitamins & minerals but also you get positive vibes through positive & healthy A2 cows’ milk.

So drink the milk of Milkmor – The Only natural nutritional Cow Milk of Ahmedabad and be as energetic as the commandos of the URI Movie.
So you know what to say when someone asks, “How’s the Josh?” 😉

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