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Does Cow Ghee also helps for the hair growth?

April 9, 2019

Yes, Consuming ghee has 100s of benefits. Well, having said that, using it externally has other benefits too.
Here we go.

Milkmor’s 2 variants of Cow Ghee are there to give you the best results.

1. Brightens Skin
Make a mask of raw milk, besan and an equal amount of ghee.
Apply it to face and wash it off after 15-20 minutes, you will feel your skin soft and bright.

2. Hydrates dry skin
Warm up half a bowl of ghee and massage your entire body with it for 3-5 minutes before your bath. It is the perfect antidote for dry winters.

3. For Chapped & Dark Lips
You can keep the ghee in a tiny bottle along with you in your bag/office/home as a lip moisturiser or apply over it lips and leave it overnight. You shall wake up with soft lips in the morning. It shall also lighten your lips and make it pinkier gradually.

4. Brightens up eyes
Just apply a little ghee under your eyes and get bright, fresh and relaxed eyes within a few days.

5. Helps for Hair Growth
Just massage your scalp with warm ghee mixed with equal parts of coconut oil. The blend nourishes your scalp and encourages hair growth.

6. Treatment of Burns
Apply it on the burnt/affected areas, It reduces the inflammation of the skin.

Ghee is also used for detoxification therapy in Ayurveda. That’s why Ghee is considered to be the master healer in India.
Order Ghee this Summer from Milkmor. You need the purest form of it.

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