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Don’t Save Farmers!!

December 27, 2018

You must be now looking for a sensitive topic if you followed the subject line. Aren’t you? Kisaan aur Karz!! This has been always the political issue. However, as a common man, we can’t save farmers but at least we can save food. Respecting food is equivalent to respecting the producer of food.

From the journey of seed to Hot Chapati on our Table, there are 1000s of hands working to maintain that chain. So on this “Kisaan Divas”, we’d like you to recall that Don’t save farmers instead save food. Nowadays, there are lot of weddings, events happening around us and there tons of foods get wasted. You’re smart enough to know how to save food and all so we won’t bore you by all the preachings.

Just the proper utilisation of food shall automatically develop the right estimate and shall regulate the previous chain leading to the better efficiency and better farming. We ensure that at Astha Dairy Farm, the fodder is fed properly to the cows without any wastage and it has been maintained efficiently. Our cows are equally disciplined enough to finish up the entire feed fed to them. This special day, let’s give credit to our royal farmers and pray for the best year ahead for them with their happiness & healthiness.

Save Food = Save Farmers.

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