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Medicines or Milkmor?

March 6, 2019

Hey Ahmedabad, Winter is what we love, you might hate it, but the harsh summer will make you realize how good the winter is. You know that 75% of people in Ahmedabad, can’t adopt climate change happily due to lower immune. Today, we’ve Dr.Pranjel with us, who is the specialized surgeon of the new generation. He is an expert in knee replacement, frozen shoulder problems, ligament tear, sports injuries, etc.

He tried Milkmor’s Cow Milk, and he asked the entire component break-up of milk from us and what he told to us was something an eye-opener, and this brought us a new perspective. Let’s listen from him directly.

pranjel pipara
pranjel pipara


“Hi Guys, Milkmor has been delivering natural & nutritional cow milk across Ahmedabad, and I was also curious to try it out. What I explored was that the taste wasn’t just naturally sweet with good texture, but also it can replace the medicines. Yes. You heard right.

Have you ever been to a doctor’s clinic of late or have been prescribed a course of tablets for increasing your vitamin B 12 and calcium levels in the body?

Then Milkmor milk is the perfect solution for you.

A glass (300ml) of milk in morning and evening will provide you with 1600 mcg of vitamin B12, 21 grams of protein and 700 mg of calcium which are much higher than the dosage found in medicines. Also, the bioavailability (absorption capacity from the stomach and then going into the blood for storage and distribution in the body) of the nutrients is much higher from natural foods than compared to tablets which have synthetic nutrients.

The additional advantage of increased protein will help all vegetarians to meet their daily requirements of protein (1gram per kg body weight) along with only 350 kcal of energy. Hence two glasses of milk regularly will take care of our calcium, Vit B12, and protein requirements.

For the rest of the issues, We doctors are there! :-)”
That was remarkable insights from Dr.Pranjel. Wasn’t it? So who would choose medicines over tasty milk of Milkmor? You can click below & subscribe the only natural & nutritional cow milk of Ahmedabad.

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