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Milkmor brings Pure Gir Cow Ghee at your doorstep!

June 22, 2018

I know Ahmedabad’s weather is getting hotter and hotter, The weather where we can’t even sit for 5 minutes outside. Interestingly, A Gir Cow can walk for miles even in 50° C also. The Gir Cows are just not the pride of India but they’re famous across the world due to its high resistance in any temperature. Gujarat can take the honor for Gir Cows. Yes, the native tract of Gir Cattle is from Gir Hills & Forests of Kathiavar. The Gir Cow is a royal & majestic mammal which gives the nectar for humanity through milk. She is strong and can weigh upto 450 Kgs on an average. The Gir Cow Ghee is considered to be “Pure Gold” by our ancestors.Ghee is basically Clarified butter and nothing can beat the benchmark of Gir Cow’s Ghee . As it’s more as a wellness product than an edible ingredient. It’s a good anti-oxidant, rejuvenator, aromatic,pleasant and has lot more benefits than mentioned here. This Vedic productis meant for healing your body from roots.

Well, the story doesn’t end here. If Gir Cow’s milk out of which the ghee is made is so rich, then just imagine, if those cows are fed the best fodder and are sheltered in the best atmosphere? Yes , There your product touches the supreme level. Milkmor aims for that forte. Yes, ideally many brands and vendors sell their dairy products in the name of Gir Cow but they feed them very poor fodder and aren’t kept in good and comfortable atmosphere. If the cows aren’t happy, there isn’t any chance for the goodness of the milk. Milkmor’s Gir Cow Ghee is purely hand-churned and made from whole milk, which brings that periodic essence in the smell and taste. It’s indeed a priceless creation. The exclusive limited edition Gir Cow Ghee is prepared by traditional method which is entirely manual made with hygiene, care and innocent love. It takes continuous 24 hours to prepare the Ghee, it requires lot of attention and care to bring the aroma that our ghee boasts.

The women from villages come specially to prepare Hand-Churned Ghee, who are quite shy to be clicked in photo at our Astha Dairy Farm. They carry the excellent experience for ghee preparation which they got in their heirloom. Their families have been preparing Ghee since the year 1856.

Many subscribers ask us that why we don’t give Gir Cow Milk and give A2 Farm Fresh Cow Milk. The answer is simple, When you can get the entire 25-30 Litres of milk converted into a Ghee in a 1 KG Jar, why would you consume it in installments? The Ghee is the better and tastier medium to consume it. Moreover, our A2 Farm Fresh Cow Milk is tastier naturally where You and your children can consume it easily.

You can see the shine on the cows and their happy lines which itself shows that they are happy and healthy. They have Mist Fans, Scrubbers, Clean Barns, Un-tied for movement and access of water and many more facilities at their homes.

Oh! You haven’t tried? Well then Order now and know more benefits. It’s been ages you haven’t had anything so natural & rich! Hurry up, It’s limited edition (Delivery only in Ahmedabad) Try Gir Cow Ghee!

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