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RJ Harshil says Yes to Milkmor!

July 9, 2018

Milkmornninnnnnnnnnngggggggg Ahmedabad!

Yes, Milkmor’s Farm Fresh Cow Milk is now becoming the talk of the town and we get excellent reviews about our cow milk for its taste, service and quality. As We say, We don’t believe in offers & discounts and our only philosophy is
Happy Cows = Happy Milk = Happy Subscribers!

Let’s see what our one of the privileged subscriber – RJ Harshil from Radio City has to say.

He has a very dynamic personality. He has just launched an excellent mobile app https://mazau.com/ where you meet people nearby, make new friends and make new travel buddies. Isn’t it an awesome app? The one only app which brings out of your routine life and let you explore the new world within your world. As its high time, we come out of virtual palace and meet new people around us. Almost like Milkmor who also believes in living life more than just a routine as “Life Chahe Kuch Zyaada” and you need more energy and mental relaxation for that.

We’ve a special message from Harshil. He use to ask a lot and analyse enough for himself before he subscribed Milkmor. He was very happy to see the process of milking and rich fodder fed to the cows.
He has a special message which he shared through his video.
We’ve around 650 Happy Subscribers across Ahmedabad’s selected areas within few months of start. Now you can also check our Milk Delivery Service Areas.

Subscribe now the Farm Fresh Cow Milk with more than 17 essential vitamins & minerals for you & your family.

Watch Full Video Of RJ Harshil

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